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We are always looking for good new pitches for our cross-border media project.

What is ereb?

ereb is the first community-based platform publishing cross-border stories from Europe in a larger sense, in English, French and Italian. Since the summer of 2021, we’ve been commissioning one cross-border story per month to a team made up of a reporter and a photographer.

Why do we want you?

We are constantly looking for fresh and original pieces to animate our platform. And we think you could potentially be part of this. If your reporting style and experience match ereb’s spirit and you have experience in cross-border journalism and/or in writing long in-depth stories, we’d love you to send us your ideas in the coming weeks and months.

We are focusing on four themes in particular:
● Climate emergency
● Migration and identities
● Social Justice

Please confront previously published stories before pitching on our website.

Take a look at the Editorial principles of ereb here.

How the pitching process works

You can send us your pitches any time, ideally linked to one of the above categories.

For each story selection process, pitches are taken into account until the 10th of each month. ereb‘s editors will shortlist the best incoming pitches and submit 3 of them our community of members, who will have the final say on which story should go into production. Pitches who were not selected can be submitted to subsequent rounds of selection, in case the story is still deemed to be relevant by the editors.

The proposal should be no longer than 200 words and should give a clear idea of the location, angle and protagonists who would be featured. Please also tell us what your native language is, your writing language (if different), where you are based, and the estimated timeline for conducting the fieldwork.

Last but not least, we will send a journalist and photographer team to cover all our stories. For that reason we also welcome suggestions of photographers or reporters (as relevant) that you’ve worked with in the past.

Pitches should be addressed to Hélène Pillon, at “helene[@]ereb[.]eu”.

Please attach a CV and link to previous works.

Fee and payment

Fee: we pay up to €800 for each story (all charges included). This fee includes:

  • Text of the reportage.
  • Pictures (pictures published on ereb in the context of the story, shall be considered exclusive to ereb. As such, in light of ongoing partnerships with print media across Europe, ereb will be able to grant republication rights to other media organisations).
  • Participation in English language in a live podcast episode of Road to ereb (via Skype, where you will be asked to share insights from the reporting phase).
  • Travel and accomodation costs.

Payment occurs by the end of the month, following the publication of the article on