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Contrasting views and linking destinies, redesigning Europe from the ground up.

ereb is the media that plunges you into the heart of our continent. To explore all the nooks and crannies of this world, we offer you several options: a major monthly report in words and photos, a personal newsletter every fortnight, and other exchanges and meetings throughout the year.ereb defends cross-border, socially engaged and human, European journalism. Cross-border journalism is journalism that goes beyond borders, allows reporters of different nationalities to work together and publishes in three languages, French, English and Italian. Socially engaged  journalism is journalism that pays particular attention to social issues, the climate emergency, the quest for identity and stories of exile, subjects that animate our continent and concern us all.

Journalism that refocuses on the human being is journalism which comes from the grassroots, which is immersed in daily life and brings to the surface beautiful stories and new, previously unheard voices. Finally it is journalism that puts its audience at the centre and includes them in its editorial choices.

We invite you to read our manifesto for a more human European journalism


A tailor-made offer/One media and one community/One community all over Europe/One media for you

Since its launch in 2021, ereb has been growing thanks to a community of readers who want to be involved in what they read. From the beginning, we have been supported and guided in our decisions by those we call our members, to whom we give a central place in this journalistic adventure. Each month, they choose the stories that will be published from three subjects selected by our editorial staff. Becoming a member of ereb means being part of an international community of citizens who have the power to put on the agenda the subjects that are important to them, and the desire to confront their points of view and experiences with other people spread all over Europe.

By subscribing to our membership :

  • you get access to an exclusive monthly feature
  • you participate in the choice of topics
  • you can exchange with journalists and other ereb members
  • you can participate in ereb trainings
  • you receive a quarterly postcard that follows up on the stories
  • you can make public an article that you think is of public interest

To discover the full extent of our offer and join the adventure, it’s here.

A team across the continent

ereb was created by former employees and contributors of Cafébabel, the first European participatory media. Today, the media lives on thanks to its network of reporters based in the four corners of Europe.


Hélène Pillon

Editorial Coordinator

At ereb, I am the one who proposes the next topics for you to choose. I am also the one who talks to reporters all over Europe, advises them and corrects their articles. And I’m the one who talks to the witnesses who share a bit of their intimacy in our newsletter. I like good stories (not the one about a blonde girl walking into a bar) and good headlines as much as I like big rap punchlines or protest slogans.

Francesca Festa

Counsel (pro-bono)

My motto: there are always solutions. You just have to believe in them with a little bit of madness and imagination!  Always in a good mood and with music, because singing is good for the soul! Crossing borders is a choice for me.


Quentin Ariès

Co-Fonder and Editor at Large

I have been a journalist in Brussels for a decade and am one of the founders of ereb. After having covered many European crises, Grexit, Brexit, a pandemic, the war against Ukraine, the climate emergency, the erosion of our democratic standards, and so on, I want to write a new page of cross-border journalism. Our continent is my professional and personal playground. For ereb, I am developing our membership programme (don’t hesitate to support us!) and our editorial products.

Meredith Ruleman

English translator

Marco Carlone

Italian translator

And our network of reporters: Alex King – Alexandros Katsis – Simone Benazzo – Marco Carlone – Elena Ledda – Gianluca Battista – Arshu John – Maria Matskevich – Serena Golden – Jean-Marc Caimi – Valentina Piccinni – Thomas Laffitte – Clara Marchaud – Valeria Mongelli – Davide Mancini – Thomas Dévényi – Alessia Capassso – Élise Gazengel – Àngel García – Denis Vejas.

Transparent funding

ereb exists first and foremost thanks to our members and for our members. Involving our readers in the financing of the medium is the best way to guarantee our independence and sustainability.  However, this source of funding is not sufficient to cover all our activities. We have therefore devised a diversified economic model based on membership fees, public and private grants and a production studio. We publish all our funding and its use on this page, which is regularly updated.